Cyprus Leisure - Disabled People

Wheelchair users / disabled people in Cyprus can also have some excellent leisure time, whether it be for holidays or if you live in Cyprus.

Cyprus isn't totally disabled friendly yet, but it is trying to get there, and much of this can be accredited to the determined and hard-working local disabled people and groups.

Disabled Accomodations

Many hotels and apartments have facilities for wheelchair users, and disabled people, however, they do vary, so you should check before booking your holiday exactly what level of disability they can cater for.

Electric wheelchairs and power scooters can be hired in various places around Cyprus, which can enable you to get around easier and take in some of the beautiful scenery.

Beware that not all areas have proper pavements. Many more establishments are adapting their premises to facilitate wheelchairs so that you can enjoy a leisurely meal or drink without hindrance.

Beach Access for Disabled Persons

Cyprus beaches are also becoming more disabled friendly, with 40 beaches currently having wheelchair access or wheelchair ramps, and facilities for handicapped / disabled people. These are however only available during the summer months of May to October.

There are activities available that are equipped for people with disabilities, such as swimming (pools with hoist) or boat trips (boat with hoist), horse riding, or even parasailing. Excursions can be booked on specially equipped transport.

Other Disabled-Accessible Activities

There are also two circular nature trails that have been designed with wheelchair users in mind, one is in the Troodos area, and the other is in the Machairas forest.

For information on the trails please download the E4 nature trails book(in pdf format, may not be compatible with mobile devices), and go to Page 24 - Sheet 3 for the Mnimata Piskopan Trail, and Page 33 - Sheet 6 for the Mantra tou Kampiou Trail.

You can even get married in Cyprus! Recently there have been beautiful weddings, and wedding vows renewal services arranged in Cyprus for wheelchair users.