Agia Anna Chapel

Cyprus is a beautiful island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean. Being a sparsely populated country, Cyprus is full of smaller fishing and farming villages.

These tiny towns are known for their white buildings and uniform architecture. With a majority of inhabitants practicing Greek Orthodox, there are churches spread throughout the island.

One such church is known as the Agia Anna Chapel and is located just south of the Fini village in northern Limassol. This small chapel was recently completed in 1993. Construction started a few years prior as several members of the village lent a helping hand. In fact, the Agia Anna Chapel was built with donations from the village.

The chapel is built with bricks and covered on the outside with concrete. It has been painted white similar to other houses and buildings within the surrounding villages. The white color helps to keep the chapel cool during the hot summers in Cyprus. The Agia Anna Chapel has also been painted white on the inside as well. There are two awnings on either side of the chapel that create a nice space for gatherings.

This chapel has been outfitted with many modern icons and emblems. Unlike many Greek Orthodox churches in Cyprus, the Agia Anna chapel doesn't have an old iconostasis. Instead, this chapel has a wooden psalm stand and a simple iconostasis separating the sanctuary from the nave. The church has six portable icons which represent specific themes and saints. The icon of Agia Anna sits among the six other icons.

There are two entrances to the chapel of Agia Anna. However, there is no prayer area in the west entrance. There is some seating in the middle of the chapel that can accommodate a total of 50 to 70 people. The Agia Anna chapel only is in operation for two celebrations throughout the year. The celebration of the church's namesake, Agia Anna, takes place on December 9th. The chapel is also open on the 9th of September for the celebration of Anni and Ioakim.

The Agia Anna chapel is worth a visit for any tourist in the area. As Cyprus is not a large island, this chapel and the surrounding villages aren't far from the typical tourist destinations. This spot offers visitors a great opportunity to see what daily life is like in the villages throughout Cyprus.