Achaios Shipwreck

The Achaios Shipwreck is one of the most interesting maritime wreck sites to see in Cyprus. The ship dates all the way back to 1932 when at the time it was named Mav Achaios.

There is an interesting story attached to the ship. It belonged to the Akarnania Maritime Company. The ship was transporting wood from Yugoslavia to Jeddah in South Africa.

Unfortunately, a storm swept through and sunk the ship. All of the crew onboard made it off the derelict vessel.

Achaios shipwreck near Akrotiri

Since the depth of the sea where it beached is only 7 meters, the ship's rusting hull sticks out of the water to this day. It's a rare sight anywhere around the world.

The shipwreck is located off the shore near Akrotiri, Limassol.

Video of the Achaios Shipwreck

Akrotiri Shipwreck Map