Cyprus Transport - By Sea

The ports in Cyprus are always busy with incoming overseas freight shipping, as well as short stay cruise lines.

It is easy to arrange overseas car shipping to Cyprus if you wish to bring your car with you, however, services for passengers who wish to travel with their car are not so easy to find, although there is sometimes such a service from Italy.

Research and plan your overseas move of all your furniture and personal possessions to Cyprus, otherwise it may turn out to be costly and very stressfull if it is not organised by a reputable and professional International removals company.

If you are looking for a cruise to or from Cyprus then you won't be disappointed as there are several cruise line companies offering cruises to many destinations such as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and the Greek Islands. Cruises are available for short trips of just a couple of days, to longer trips of several weeks.

You can arrive by sea into Cyprus in your own boat, but you must use only the legal entry points of Larnaca port, Limassol port, Paphos port, or Latsi port.

Note: Arrival in Cyprus via any other port which is located in the Turkish occupied area of Cyprus and which is not under the effective control of the legitimate Government of the Republic of Cyprus, is illegal and must be avoided.

Cyprus is a founding member of the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities. (I.A.L.A.). There are eight lighthouses located around Cyprus at Paphos, Cape Gata, Cape Kiti, Cape Greco, Cape Akama [Arnaouti], which are in the Government controlled areas, and Cape St. Andreas, Kyrenia and Cape Kormakiti, which are within the turkish occupied area of Cyprus and outside the effective control of the Cyprus Ports Authority.

The lighthouses in the government controlled area have all been modernised with photovoltaic systems, meaning they operate on solar energy, and are totally automated, thus no longer requiring lighthouse keepers. The Cape Gata lighthouse is the southern-most lighthouse in Europe.

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