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Cyprus has a good selection of clothing shops, fashion boutiques, designer clothes outlets, sporting wear and fashion accesories shops in all the main cities. Big retail outlets selling quality clothing, shoes and handbags are quite numerous in every town, and in the big shopping malls.

There are not many of the UK fashion chain stores here, but you will find one or two. You can find almost anything in most towns, from sports wear, to cheap casual wear, to top brand name designer label clothes, and eco-friendly labels. Fashions are similar in Cyprus to the UK and the rest of Europe, except the summer fashions tend to be on display longer in Cyprus due to the better climate. Bikinis and swimwear are usually on sale in the seaside resort shops all year round. Men, women and children are all well catered for, as well as babies.

There are numerous shops in every town where you can find shoes made from good quality local leather, as well as top fashion accessories imported from the likes of Italy, Germany and France. You should find whatever your style is in shoes and boots, be it the the tallest heels, or the flattest sandals, there is plenty of choice.

There are now more sportswear shops than there have been in the past, where you can buy casual or designer sportswear, or your favourite football shirt or cap. You can sometimes find cheaper clothes and shoes on the bazaraki's (markets) that are usually held on weekends in several cities, but remember that not all sportwear will be authentic.

Because many of the clothing and shoes products are imported from U.S.A. UK and Europe, you may need to know your size in Euro, U.S.A. and UK. You can download a conversion chart (in pdf format, may not be compatible with mobile devices) to look up your size, however it is always best to try shoes and clothing on in the store before you buy, and not rely solely on chart sizes, as they do sometimes vary.

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