Cyprus Medical - Dentists

Dental Services in Cyprus are provided by Government dentists and Private dentists. Figures in 2009 show that there are 649 registered dentists with the Dental Council (36 in the Public Sector) 463 of them obtained their primary qualifications in an EU / EEA state. Both public and private dentists speak very good English, as well as other languages.

The public dentists can be found within the major city hospitals, and are mostly used by Cypriot children. Their services are available to all who qualify for free medical care in Cyprus, although dentures are not available free.

Private dentists in Cyprus are numerous throughout all the cities, and are made up of Cypriots and foreigners. The general standard of dentistry offered is good, and reasonably priced.

Private dentists offer every type of dental healthcare and treatment, from cleaning to fillings, extractions, root canals and crowns, to advanced cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants. It is even possible to arrange cosmetic dentistry holidays where you can come to have dental treatment at private hospitals by qualified cosmetic dental surgeons.

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