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In times past the most favoured, and often most practical way to communicate news and events was for someone to ride round the village shouting and hooting the horn of anything they had, be it a bike, a tractor or a car. You may have noticed that even though communications have advanced significantly in Cyprus, the Cypriots still love the old tradition of driving through the villages blowing their horns frequently and very loudly! Some old habits die hard.

Nowadays, there is a 24/7 media and news infastructure in place, which is produced to the public via many means, such as newspapers, radio, television, faxing, e-mail, or online Cyprus news websites. If there is news of something that Cypriots want to let others know about, then usually the mobile phone is the quickest form of communication, which spreads the news like wild fire.

Of course there is not just news about Cyprus thats so easily available, but also International news from around the world. Radio and TV always include some international news that is relevant, as do newspapers, and International newspapers can also be bought daily, though often it will be a delay of one day for newspapers due to transporation to the island.

Some of the newspapers offer glossy magazine supplements for free, whilst magazines offer free gifts. There are also leaflets to get your business news out to the public, however, the use of leaflet delivery has just come under scrutiny by government members, and there may be plans to scrap the practice or monitor it. Leaflets are posted regularly in bundles into mail boxes, and often end up strewn onto the floor. There are also regular leaflet distributors at busy traffic lights handing them into car windows, a practice that has been deemed unsafe on the very busy roads.

Of course media isn't limited to just news, but also music, movies and celebrity gossip as well as many other topics. Whatever media related subject you are interested in you are likely to find it in Cyprus, in both Greek and English.

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