Citizen Service Centers

There are currently 6 Citizen Service Centers in Cyprus. The first was opened in Nicosia on 12th December, 2005, and more opened in other areas over the next few years. The aim of these Citizen's Service Centre's is to improve the structure and operation of the public service administration. They claim to offer, from one point of contact, multiple services, using simplified and quick procedures.

Utilising modern technology you should in most cases be able to recieve services immediately. Where direct provision of the service is not possible, the center will undertake the whole process on your behalf. This means that documents are processed via the center, without the need for you to visit multiple government organisations.

Services are provided on behalf of 6 government departments, although a few services may not be available at all Service Centers. The governement departments are:-

Road Transport Department

Department of Social Insurance

Grants and Allowances Service of the Ministry of Finance

Civil Registry and Migration (services that are provided by District Administrations)

Ministry of Health (medical card, European Health Insurance Card)

Land and Surveys Department (copies of cadastral plans)

We visited a Citizens Service Center in Limassol to see how they operated. It seemed to be fairly busy with mostly Cypriot inquirers. Looking around, we noticed that all information booklets and leaflets are only available in Greek, which is a bit disappointing, however the lady at the front desk was very helpful, and spoke reasonably good english. Although there was only one lady working the front desk, we did see around 12 staff behind the scenes, so one assume these places are constantly busy. We reccomend trying your local Citizens Service Center first, to save queing at several government departments. Perhaps you could write to us and let us know how you got on, and if it they really provide a worthwhile service.

Below are examples of the services that the Centers say they provide to citizens:-

(I) Issuing of certificates and other documents

· Birth certificate
· Identity Card
· Permanent Residence certificate
· Driving licence
· International driving licence
· Motor vehicle immobilisation
· Road tax license
· Social Insurance Contributions Record
· Certificates to those insured under the Social Insurance Scheme
· European Health Insurance Card

(II) Submission of applications for:

· Passport
· Refugee identity card
· Registration in the electoral register/ change of residence address of electors

· Grants, allowances, benefits and pensions, such as:
o Student grant
o Child allowance
o Mother allowance
o Sickness benefit
o Maternity allowance
o Marriage grant
o Maternity grant
o Employment Injury benefit
o Old age pension, social pension, invalidity pension etc.

Internet access

Internet access is provided to citizens visiting the Centres, so that they may search for information and submit, where possible, applications to government organisations via the internet.

See below the addresses and contact details for all the Citizens Service Centres in Cyprus.

cyprus citizen service center

Limassol CSC

21 Spyrou Araouzou Street
Tel: 25829129

Nicosia CSC

29 Katsonis Street
Ayioi Omoloyites
Tel: 22446686

Polis Chrysochous CSC

1 Evagoras Pallikarides Street
Polis Chrysochous
Tel: 26821888

Pelendri CSC

70 Arch. Makarios the 3rd Street
Tel: 25813400

Larnaka CSC

27 Gregori Afxentiou Avenue
Tel: 24815555

Paphos CSC

62, Elefterios Venizelos Avenue
Tel: 26 822400

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