Cyprus Business Sectors - Tourism

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Government policy on matters regarding tourism, trade, and industry, whilst the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) operates offices both in Cyprus and abroad, with 22 offices in major cities worldwide promoting Cyprus.

The Cyprus tourism industry, as well as the tourism industry of other destinations, have been facing great challenges. With the construction of tourism development projects such as new marinas and golf courses, Cyprus tourism has started to see a steady increase in tourist arrivals.

Tourism accounts for about 12 per cent of the Cypriot economy, and the year 2011 saw a 10.1 per cent increase in arrivals, according to data released by the statistics department, whilst 2012 recorded an overall increase of 3.0 per cent.

The new Limassol marina opened at the end of 2014, and is an attractive option to open up to the yachting society.

Flights to Cyprus are numerous to both international airports of Larnaca and Paphos, and it is expected that with the completion of the tourism development projects, tourists will be enticed into seeking to explore and experience more of the wonders that Cyprus has to offer its visitors.

Other positive factors are the new Cyprus bus service, as well as another low cost airline having signed a new contract with Hermes Airports in 2012. This will help increase tourist arrivals to a great extent, as many are seeking to reduce the cost of their holidays due to the ongoing worldwide economic crisis. The new deal offers 14 new destinations which include Krakow, Memmingen, Bergamo, Oslo, Pisa, Rome and Stockholm, from Pafas Airport.

Cyprus does have a lot to offer tourists, with its history and archeology, culture, beautiful scenic beaches - 53 having been awarded Blue Flag status, as well as many beaches now providing access for disabled people during the summer months. And of course there is the amazing bio diversity of the Troodos mountains range, not to mention the mild year round climate. The outlook for Cyprus tourism is indeed positive.

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