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September 2015
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Kataklysmos – Festival of the Flood

See Kataklysmos Festivals in Cyprus 2011 here

From Saturday 22nd May through to Monday 24th May there will be various events around Cyprus to celebrate ‘Kataklysmos’, or Festival of the Flood, which is a celebration unique to Cyprus.

The events will be staged mostly around coastal areas, starting on Saturday, and will continue through to Monday,  which is a public Bank Holiday in Cyprus for Pentecost (the 50th day after easter).

The Festivities always take place on or near water, as the meaning of ‘Kataklysmos’ is flood. There may be various other events taking place near lakes or even swimming pools, but we will mention the most popular places to go and join in the Festival of Flood celebrations, which are free to attend and organised by the various municipalities, and will have free traditional singing and dancing, as well as ‘Tchattista’, where locals compete to sing improvised verses.

Be prepared to get wet, as the most common custom of this event is to throw water at one another to symbolise the purification of the body and soul.  Celebrations will also include various games, folk dances, swimming competitions and boat races. Enjoy this fun weekend of water and sunshine at any of the Cyprus seaside resorts below.


From Saturday through to Monday festivities will take place on the seafront parade (West of the Municipal Gardens).


From Saturday through to Wednesday festivities will take place on Athens Avenue – Palm Trees Promenade


From Saturday through to Monday festivities will take place at Paphos Medieval Castle.

Ayia Napa

From Saturday through to Monday festivities will take place at Ayia Napa Harbour.


 From Saturday through to Monday festivities will take place at Fig Tree Bay.

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